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    Behäppi is an extraordinary wooden puzzle designed by the Behäppi Design Studio in Estonia and made of high-quality plywood. The Behäppi puzzles are anything but boring, because they require a lot of thinking. To solve the puzzle, you have to fill the frame with all the puzzle pieces and leave no gaps. They require logic and encourage your spatial thinking.

    The designer behind Behäppi is Artur Sadovski and has been at home in the creative field for some time. In Tallinn, he makes and designs the wooden puzzles and competes with his friends to solve them.


    Who are you?
    My name is Artur Sadovski, I live in Tallinn, Estonia. I work as a freelance photographer and designer. I am the founder of two labels: Behäppi (wooden puzzles) and Ratchet Notion (fashion label).

    City of Design – What is your favorite city?
    Definitely Stockholm. So many great brands, interesting people, fresh and cool ideas and beautiful architecture - the list goes on and on. Definitely my greatest love. My dream is to move to Stockholm one day, open my little studio and stay there for many years. This city inspires me a lot.

    How did you feel when you held your first product in your hands?
    It's hard to describe the feeling. I was super happy and wanted to get my product out there quickly. I think the feeling of joy was even greater when I sold my first puzzle. Oh my goodness, to this day I still remember the day that happened.

    Contact details:

    Telliskivi 60A
    Tallinn 10412


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