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    Who are you?

    We are atisan and we want to show with our products that sustainability and modern interior design are not mutually exclusive. We offer minimalist and natural home accessories made from sustainable materials - from baskets and carpets to lamps, tableware and home textiles. All products are created in creative exchange with our manufacturers in the countries of origin and are lovingly handcrafted there.

    How did you feel when you held your first finished product in your hands?

    It was an incredibly beautiful feeling. We were happy, proud, grateful and full of appreciation for the artists and the production process. We still are, by the way, with every single product.

    What is your favorite object and accompanies you every day?

    The Besar banana fiber blanket is really used every day. Whether in the evening on the couch or in the morning on the balcony, with a coffee in your hand, slung loosely over your shoulders.

    What is your favorite material and why?

    The water hyacinth. It is considered a weed in its native Asia and is deliberately eradicated there. We find it fascinating that such beautiful baskets, carpets and other home accessories can be made from this material.

    Contact details:

    Industriestr. 31
    DE-40227 Dusseldorf

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