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    What does alvari stand for?
    For a friend made of wood. The idea behind alvari is to create something that stays with you for as long as possible, that listens to you, remembers things and has character. When I founded the furniture label alvari in Berlin in 2012 with two other enthusiasts, we were supported by many of our friends and acquaintances who are still connected with alvari today. Today, alvari is a furniture label that offers simple and elegant tables made of solid oak and linoleum based on a self-developed and patented furniture system that is becoming increasingly popular.

    We now have everything from mini to giant tables with one system and, above all, everything in the same way, in two production networks of regional wood suppliers, processors and local carpenters. The idea behind alvari is to act as regionally as possible and only use resources that are available in the Berlin-Brandenburg region or the Rhine-Main area. One exception are our metal feet made of aluminum, which provide a cool and clear separation between the tables and the floor. The oak wood comes from the Berlin Schorfheide, the Spessart or the Taunus, for example.

    Construction & Durability
    The special thing about the alvari construction principle is that the table frames are self-supporting and linoleum or wooden table tops are simply inserted. No screws or connecting fittings are used; the stability comes from the alvari profile and the special corner connection. Thanks to the special plug-in system, our furniture can be assembled and disassembled in 5 minutes, even by people with no manual experience.

    What special benefits do our customers have?
    Customers can use an online configurator to adapt their table to their individual requirements based on our design suggestions. In concrete terms, this means that the customer can determine all table dimensions themselves and select different types of wood and table tops. In addition, we can fulfill almost all wishes on request - even for a single table.

    Here we present two of our favorite design suggestions:
    An alvari table with a frame made of solid oak and an inlaid linoleum top in the color Dorian (gray). Secondly, we show our narrow table with a solid oak top on top. The tables can optionally have invisible "shadow feet" that only create a shadow gap with the floor or oak and aluminum feet.

    Design & Quality
    There is something very plain, simple and architectural about the design. This is because the tables consist of two frame profiles, with the rear frame protruding behind the front one. This is reminiscent of doors or portals surrounded by recessed profiles that direct the eye to the experience of walking through. The cubic shape of the alvari furniture also makes it look like small architectural pieces in the room and goes very well with design classics, also because it is understated.
    For us, design quality means first and foremost the use of high-quality materials in the construction of the furniture as well as the aesthetics of the furniture itself. This is inspired by the technical elegance of Michael Thonet's chairs as well as by Asian design principles. For us, however, design quality also means being able to design the entire process from wood selection and drying to furniture production and delivery to the customer experience.
    alvari solid wood furniture – tables, beds and more are made to measure in the highest quality by small local manufacturers in Frankfurt a. M. and Berlin Brandenburg.

    Contact details:
    Berlin (headquarters)
    alvari GmbH, c/o Boris Bandyopadhyay
    Erlanger Str. 9
    12053 Berlin
    Frankfurt M. (Showroom by Appointment)
    alvari GmbH, c/o Boris Bandyopadhyay
    Kronberger Str. 40
    60323 Frankfurt
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