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    Bags, fashion and accessories. Modern and special. Everyday companions with an unmistakable design. That surprise with their look and feel, their shape and materiality. That appear new and mysterious. Arouse curiosity and only reveal themselves fully when you look closely. Products as equipment to discover the special features of every day and to want to encounter new things. For near and far. That's what mimicri stands for. The German label launched its 'mimicri DEBÜT' collection on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2019 in Milan's Brera Design District. Still curious.

    mimicri ⁄⁄ Urban. Uncompromising. Transformable ⁄⁄

    'GRDXKN®' is a hallmark of mimicri. Patented and innovative. A textile printing technique based on the screen printing process. Created by the German industrial designer Bastian Müller. The combination of textile and GRDXKN® creates the mimicri pattern - changeable and adaptable to cuts at any time. Unique in its aesthetics and feel. Functional in its application. mimicri bags, fashion pieces and accessories are inspired by urban life. And made for it.

    'mimicri' (Dutch spelling) describes a phenomenon from nature. Patterns, colors and structures are imitated in the animal and plant world. A phenomenon as inspiration: mimicri creates new everyday companions. Adaptable in use and adaptable in form and structure, material and color. And uncompromising in their creation and design. Made in Germany.

    GRDXKN® ⁄⁄ Innovation. Textile printing ⁄⁄
    Screen printing involves printing graphics onto textiles. With GRDXKN®, these are material structures. The 3D effect that occurs on the surface varies depending on the textile. The pattern and thickness of the structures can be individually adjusted. GRDXKN® can be combined with a wide variety of textiles. The technical printing material is water-based and solvent-free. mimicri works with both the decorative and functional properties of GRDXKN®.


    Sandy Karstädt

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