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    We at Lineano..

    ..are carpenters, designers and businessmen. We are Jannik and Philipp, two young founders from Hesse. Driven by the idea of ​​constantly improving one's own living space and thereby increasing the quality of life, the idea for Lineano was born in 2020. We design and sell high-quality small furniture and accessories for the living area, manufactured in small series by selected craft businesses in Germany.
    Find out more about the founding story of Lineano here.

    What makes us special?

    With our craftsmanship, design and business knowledge, we form a team that complements each other perfectly. This results in high design quality and an overall entrepreneurial concept that is expressed through Lineano's products. Craftsmanship, design, economy - for us, these factors combined form the basis of good design. Bringing these into harmonious harmony is Lineano's top priority. Every purchase therefore makes an important contribution to preserving craftsmanship.
    promote reasonable consumption.

    What do I really need?

    This is the guiding question of our design. It leads us to a geometric form language that is easy to understand at first glance. For us, reduction to the essentials means inspiring freedom. Order and structure are created, resulting in visual and functional longevity. With our products, we want to offer users inspiration and freedom to be able to furnish their living space individually. Lineano stands for reflection on what is really important and is intended to promote sensible consumption.

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