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    Straightforward design – handmade in the Northern Black Forest

    Bags from »burggrafburggraf« stand for unobtrusive aesthetics - unconventionally cut and sophisticated in detail. We design bags, backpacks and accessories with clear lines, unmistakable character and the conviction that good design is characterized above all by the omission of unnecessary elements.

    We design for people who strive for clarity and reduction to the essentials. For people who value quality craftsmanship. And for people who want to know where and under what conditions their bag was made.

    We are designers & makers: In our studio in Bad Liebenzell in the Northern Black Forest We design trend-independent companions with a clear design language, a calm color palette and a focus on sustainable and innovative materials. All products are handcrafted by us in small editions with care and precision.

    »burggrafburggraf« is the label of the product designers and twin sisters Nicola Burggraf and Elena Burggraf-Reusch. After studying together at the Offenbach am Main University of Art and Design, we initially went our separate ways and worked for several years in various agencies and institutions in the areas of design research, exhibition and content design until we brought together what belongs together again by founding our joint label. Our first collection was presented in November 2017. In 2020 we received the German Design Award in Gold for our Como backpack and the State Prize for Design Art and Crafts 2020 for the Reto clutch.

    Five questions for burggrafburggraf:

    What inspires you?

    Most of the time it is the direct handling of the materials themselves - the way a textile falls, feels, or can be shaped or not shaped. We observe and test the properties of our materials very closely so that we can use them in our designs in a way that is appropriate for the material. This is how their advantages are best shown. Nature, architecture and art also inspire our designs.

    How did you feel when you held your first finished product in your hands?

    We worked on our launch collection for over a year and a half. Because we make each of our bags personally, we have full control over how each seam sits and we keep working on the details until everything is just right. The moment when the collection finally went online was incredibly exciting because you are releasing something you have worked on for a long time into the world.

    What makes your products so special?

    Our bags are very subtle, but highly recognizable. We work with clear silhouettes, sharply cut edges and a calm color palette. The unifying element of our first collection is the box pleat, in which a stainless steel bar is embedded. It is the hanging point for a drawstring or the straps, which we attach with a girdle knot - a knot that has been used for centuries both on land and at sea. We love it for its simple elegance. The fact that we avoid animal materials in our entire collection is also important to us.

    What does “good design” mean to you?

    This can be answered quite well with a quote from Dieter Rams: "My goal is rather to leave out everything superfluous so that the essentials come to the fore." For us, good design is unobtrusive, reduced to the bare essentials, always undecorated, harmonious in form and function and as sustainable as possible.

    What is your favorite material and why?

    We rely on the processing of plant-based materials. We source the cork for our launch collection from Portugal. Cork is a renewable raw material that does not require the felling of a single tree. Regularly stripping the cork oaks by hand using traditional methods actually increases the tree's life expectancy and thus helps to preserve the precious ecosystem of the Portuguese cork oak forests. In the resting phase after harvest, the cork oak is able to bind up to five times more CO2 . With our collection, we offer design-conscious people a real alternative to conventional leather products.

    Contact details:

    Nicola Burggraf, Elena Burggraf-Reusch

    Hopfweg 3

    75378 Bad Liebenzell

    Email: info@burggrafburggraf.de

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