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    Hi, I’m Holly Becker and I’m an American expat from Boston living and working in Hannover, Germany (and often in Hamburg) on projects that I love in the world of interiors and publishing.

    I’m known as pioneer in my industry because I am fearless and curious - a real trailblazer! I love to lead, take risks and try new things, and I challenge myself by doing what hasn’t been done before. I’m always thinking of what could be next and how to make it possible. I also love to collaborate with others and I work best under pressure. When everyone is ready to give up, I’m the cheerleader who motivates others to stand up and keep going so that we can all be successful together.

    My blog was one of the first design blogs in the world to become “famous” and though I’m still a design blogger, my career has certainly evolved into so much more and I owe all of my success to my readers, family and the brands who have loyally supported me.

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